Reinforced Hose
reinforced hoseThe fiber reinforcement can be applied on the rubber products with different processes. The most used are braiding, spiraling, knitting and wrapping. The first three processes have in common that multiple strands of fibers are applied to the product simultaneously on a predetermined pattern in an automated process. The fourth process comprises manual or semi-automated wrapping of rubber sheets reinforced with fabric plies. However, the disadvantage of using these sheets is that it is impossible to control the positioning of the individual fibers of the fabric when applied on complex shapes.

Extrusions of different rubber layers can be produced with or without mandrel. To guarantee the highest quality product available, PPR manufacturing techniques include:

A thin lining of fluor rubber is extruded in fuel hose production. Sophisticated braiding and spiralising techniques are used to reinforce hoses with polyester, rayon or aramids. Hoses are shaped using specialized mounting and vulcanizing

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